Individual World Seniors Championships: Tuesday

Today I started the individual world championships with a win in singles over a Dutch player, Sylvie. We had a nice match, some good points as she’s improved since I last played her three years ago…big forehand and solid backhand. I won 60 61 and play Sharon from South Africa next.

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In other matches involving US players, Susan Wright and Kathy Vick advanced in singles and doubles in women’s 55s while Ann Pellow fell to Ros Balodis in singles and lost her doubles..but she’s still in mixed.

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In men’s 55, both Mike Tammen and Mike Fedderly went three sets but both won as did Val Wilder, while Bill Moss lost to top seed Glenn Busby. Tammen and Fedderly, seeded 3rd, also won their doubles and Val Wilder won his singles.

In the 60s, Danny Waldman won his singles.

In the women’s 50s, Fran Chandler advanced, and so did Gretchen Rush.

Tina Karwasky, Sherri Bronson, Wendy McColskey also won in the 60 singles and Sherri and Wendy won their doubles, but play Tina and Nora Blom tomorrow.

I was able to go watch some of Kathy and Erin Boynton’s match because Wendy and Stuart Australians from Tokyo gave me a ride which was great.

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Also, there are some balls being used here I’ve never heard of…nothing wrong with them though. This is also the first tournament I’ve played where there are painted lines…at Sporting, some are coming up off the dirt in spots.


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   I ran into some Aussies I’ve met on teams and in Europe, Julie, Leanne, Wendy and Sue.  

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An odd thing was in the paper…the cathedral we visited Sunday in Nantes caught fire and a lot of it was burnt.

Draws are here:

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  1. Hi Carolyn
    Thank you for the nice comment
    I was not able to see the whole match on Sunday against Tina
    I was happy to see on the ITF site that you won the match.
    You are the better player
    kind regards Sylvia

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