Hello from San Antonio. We had the 35/45 captains’ meeting today.

Seeds are: 35s:

  1. So Cal
  2. Texas
  3. Southern
  4. Florida

Seeds for the 45s:

  1. Southern
  2. NorCal
  3. Texas
  4. Florida

In the 45s, NorCal and Texas are on the bottom half of the draw.

In the older age divisions, the 65s final is set for SoCal and Eastern. MATA and NorCal will play off for 3rd.

It was warm and sunny today but should be cold for the weekend. I’ll try and take some photos tomorrow. NorCal 35s and 45s play Pac NW starting at 8am (35s) and 9:30 (45s) at a site that the TD says is a great tennis facility in a not so great part of town…

Click here to see results.

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