Into the Final in Steamy Lugano

Draws for the ITF S700 tournament in Lugano are here.

On a day where the temperatures felt like 97, I was happy to play before 10:30. I played Teresa Lisci De Riefkohl from Mexico City. She is here with her husband, son and cousin playing some European tournaments. She hits a very nice ball and mixed up serving and volleying and staying back. My movement was better though and I won the semis and play Gundula Weiland, my doubles partner, tomorrow at 9am. She beat another American, Veronica Lima De Angelis, in the semis.

The temperatures are going to peak apparently on Thursday when they will exceed the century mark, in Switzerland! But the tournament director said these temperatures were not uncommon this time of year.

I needed a racquet strung, gave it to a volunteer at the desk at 9am and had it back before 10:15 for my match, 15 CHF (about $15), cheaper than in the USA! Very good service.

I went back to the apartment after my match, (yes, by bus, successfully!) and met up with Erin and her daughter Hannah. We had lunch, they did a bit of touring and I just went into the city to get some groceries, and see if I could find an interesting eyeglass vendor. The two stores I found were not interesting but I did walk into a couple more lovely churches and found another grocery store, in the basement of a department store. It had a huge selection of cheeses, wine, bread, prepared foods and all sorts of pasta, dried and fresh. And of course lots of chocolate!

I play early tomorrow and it’s pretty warm so that was all for today…doubles draws go up soon, so we may play doubles tomorrow. What age division I can only guess.

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