ITF Masters Tour World Team & Individual Championship Information (Rules)

This is the page for all Masters Tour World Championships Information: Teams, Individuals, 2023, 2024. It has fact sheets, schedules for ongoing events and links to results, streaming etc.

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New Rule for 2023 regarding byes in Medal Rounds:


  • The are no longer any Byes in the Medal Knock-Out Stage of the competition (Day 4-6)
  • The Medal Knockout Draw will consist of 8 Teams for all draw sizes of 17- 23 teams.
  • If there are spaces after taking the winning team from each round robin group, these will be filled by Lucky Losers.
  • Lucky Losers will be any team that finished 2nd in a round robin group.
  • As far as is practicable, teams from the same Round Robin group shall beplaced in different halves of the draw in the first round of the Knock-out stage

New Rule for 2023 for Doubles:

Singles Scoring Format: Best of 3 tie-break sets in all singles matches

Doubles Scoring Format: All doubles matches will consist of a 2 tie-break sets and 10-point match tie break (this includes round-robin stage and knock-out position stage).

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