ITF Seniors Individual World Championships Draws

The ITF Seniors World Championships begins Saturday September 4, 2021 in Umag, Croatia for the 50/55/60 age divisions.

The draws can be found here.

There are a number of USA players seeded, particularly in the 55 & 60 divisions. The ITF does not appear to have made many deviations from the rankings in doing its seedings despite the pandemic which pretty much limited play in high level ITF tournaments to Europe this year. Though to be fair, the 2019 results are still on everyone’s records.

Jenny Klitch is seeded #2 in 50 doubles (with Andrea Rice), #2 in 55 mixed (with Tom Colton, USA) and #3 in 55 singles.

Rice is also seeded 12 in 50 singles. Colton is seeded #1 in 55 doubles (with Anders Jarryd)

The USA dominates the top of the women’s 60 seedings. The ITF did not deviate from the ITF rankings. Susan Wright is seeded #1, Fran Chandler #3 and Vicki Buholz #4; Chandler/Wright are the top seeds in 60 doubles. Buholz & Gayle Prejean are the #2 seeds in 55 doubles.

Mike Tammen/Mike Fedderly are the top seeds in 60 doubles; Stu Saiki/Alex Pier are the # 8 seeds; Bill Moss is the #6 seed in singles and the seeds for the rest of the team: Saiki (11), Fedderly(16) & Tammen (18).

Brendan Murphy is the #28 seed in 50 singles and Esteban Altuna is #29

Vincent Horcasitas is the # 24 seed in men’s 55 singles.

Shannon Gordon-Carney is seeded #3 in 60 mixed.

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