July, August, Early September National Champions

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Recent Results:
Super Senior International Teams Have Been Selected!

Men’s 65 Grass: Singles: David Nash; Doubles: Jimmy Parker/Roger Dowdeswell

Men’s 30/35/70 Grass: 30S: Calle Hansen; 30D: Michael Cunningham/Thomas Lackey; 35S: Fazal Syed; 35D: Mark Tepes/Gabriel Venter; 70S: Rudy Hernando; 70D: Robert Anderman/Thomas Brunkow

Men’s 45/50 Grass: 45S: Mario Tabares; 45D: Tabares/Kyle Permut; 50S: Val Wilder; 50D: Mike Tamment/Craig Koessler

Men’s 85/90 Grass: Winners: 85S: Fred Kovaleski; 85 Doubles: Bob Meyerdierks/James Mackey; 90 Singles: Bob Sherman; 90 Doubles: Thomas Avirett/Alex Swetka

Men’s 75/80 Grass Winners: 75S: Herm Ahlers; 75D: Bob Duesler/Jim Nelson; 80S: Joe Russell; 80D: Peter Crewe/George McCabe

60 Indoor Winners: WS: Kerry Young; WD: Martha Downing/Kathy Bennett; Mixed: Ann Stanley/Bill Matthews; MS: Brian Cheney; MD: Paul Wulf/Leonard Wofford

Women’s 35-85 Grass Winners: 35S: Trish Riddell; 35D: Mary Dailey/Trish Riddell; 45S: Susan Wright; 45D: Dailey/Erika Smith; 55S: Tina Karwasky; 55D: Karwasky/Kandy Chain; 65S; Leslie Pixley; 65D: Lee Delfausse/Judy Louie; 75S: Dorothy Matthiessen; 75D: Matthiessen/Dori deVries; 85S: Elaine Mason; 85D: Mason/Cathie Hall

Men’s 65 Indoor Winners: Singles: Richard Johnson; Doubles: Jimmy Parker/Ken Robinson

Women’s 30-80 Grass Winners: 30S: Monica Rincon; 30D: Ioulia Bolotova/Rincon; 40S: Julie Cass; 40D: Trish Riddell/Michelle King; 50S: Susan Wright; 50D: Tina Karasky/Tracey Thompson; 60S: Anne Guerrant; 60D: Molly Hahn/Kerry Young; 70S: Lurline Fujiis 70D: Sheila Weinstock/Jane Pang; 80S: Jane Lutz; 80D: Lutz/Louise Russ

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