Knee Meniscus Rehabilitation with Erin Boynton & Eric Wong (Coach E) & Precision Movement (Avoid the Knife Series)

Erin Boynton, you may know is a terrific tennis player, top ranked Canadian in her age division and getting better every year). She’s also an orthopedic surgeon who has worked with the WTA at the Rogers Cup tournament in Toronto, the Blue Jays baseball team and more. She’s a friend (and occasionally a foe on the court!) of mine. I have always found her advice to be helpful and reassuring. This is not a paid post.

Dr. Boynton and Eric Wong have combined to create a knee rehabilitation program which senior tennis players (among others) could find useful in lieu of surgery or when rehabbing from surgery.

To read more about this program, click here.

AVOID THE KNIFE: Meniscus Program

The AVOID THE KNIFE Meniscus Program is specifically designed for those with a recent or past meniscus tear who:

  • Are looking to avoid surgery
  • Require surgery and want to optimize their outcome
  • Have had surgery and want to ensure return to full function

Please note that although I am an advocate of the work of Dr. Boynton and Coach E (this is not a paid post) I have no medical background. Please consult your medical team before beginning any new exercise program.

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