Late April/Early May Category I and Category II Results

Men’s 80/85/90 Indoors: 80S: Russell Seymour; 80D: Chuck McCabe/Richard Olsen; 85S: Roald Flater; 85D: Flater/Don Tobey; 90S: Ed Tyler; 90D: Alex Swetka/Tyler

Women’s 50-90 Hard: 50S: Fran Chandler; 50D: Susan Wright/Kathy Fritz; 60S: Martha Downing; 60D: Dee Williams-Horne/Ann Stanley; 70S: Charleen Hillebrand; 70D: Sally Huss/Sheila Palmer; 80S: Jane Lutz; 80D: Angie Ray/Joyce Jones; 90S: Mary Mentzer; 90D: Dodo Cheney/Mentzer

Morristown Super Senior Cat II: 65S: Michael Beautyman; 70S: Robert Anderman; 75S: Oz Winters; 80S: Mort Greenberg; 85S: Tony Franco

Southern Senior Cat II: 30S: John Ballard; 35S: Neil Witherow; 40s: Stephen McQuillen; 45S: Mark Frisk; 50S: Stuart Chase; 55S: Scott Shepherd; 60S: Padg Bolton; 65S: Larry Albritton; 70S: L.Hill Griffin; 75S: Gordon Hammes; 80S: Richard Lawson; 85S: Marvin Buchanan

Atlanta Senior: Singles winners: 30: Francisco Rodriguez; 35: William Bull; 40: Oren Motevassel; 45: Mario Tabares; 50: Mark Vines; 55: Sal Castillo; 60: Larry Turville; 65: Jimmy Parker; 70: Ivo Barbic

Men’s 45 Clay: George Bezecny/Antony Emerson of Florida won the doubles (as last minute, unseeded entrants!) while top seeded Mario Tabares won the doubles. Results, click here.

Winners at the NSWTA Category II: Caroline Blouin (35); Mariana Hollman (45); Peggy Machoian (55); Elizabeth Smoake (65) and Burnett Herrick (75); click here for all results.

30 Indoors Winners: M30S: Jan Tiilikainen; W30S: Romana Tedjakusuma; M30D:  Kevin J. Vieira/Sherif Zaher ;    Isabella K. Kling/Kelly S. Pace; Mixed: Christina A. Fusano/Sherif Zaher 

Men’s 35 Hard: Stuart Duncan won the singles; Neel Grover and Arthur Hernandez won the doubles. 

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