Leaving Croatia, Vienna, Ready for the USA

On Thursday we played the semis of the mixed at 10am as we were told we would on Wednesday. We won 9-4 against Haim Ohm and Julia Dudics. Julia’s game didn’t translate as well to doubles as it does to singles, though Haim has a big lefty serve.

However, the final was not scheduled immediately afterwards but was to be played after the 40s women’s final (which began at 10) and then the mixed semi were played. We couldn’t wait around all day to play (trains and planes to catch), so ended up second.

I went by car with Bridget to Villach in Austria, through Croatia and Slovenia. Villach is near Klagenfurt. Then after lunch in a Biergarten (you walk into what looks like a bar or dark restaurant into a huge garden in the back, bordered by a church and a beer brewery), I caught a train to Vienna. Friday I toured a castle outside Vienna, and also the old town. It was quite warm, in the low 90s and I saw a lot of red faces. Interesting fact…you can pick out Germans because they wear socks with their sandals. I saw a lot of that and also heard a lot of Americans for a change.

The weather changed completely today, well last night. It rained and the temperature cooled off to the low 60s. The afternoon was mostly dry, a few sprinkles from time to time. I saw a lot of beautiful old buildings, the museum, palace, Ratthaus (where a film festival was taking place that evening…a huge screen was juxtapositioned onto the old building), churches and the Spanish Riding School. Then I did a bit of shopping on Mariahilferstrasse…wandered into a big department store and was surprised to see T-shirts not only with Florida and Miami on them, but several with "Pensacola Beach" logos.

Back to the USA tomorrow.

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