Long Train Ride(s) to Warm Germany

Yesterday, Friday, I left beautiful Switzerland for Germany. I bought my ticket a long time ago, nonrefundable, because like the airlines, it’s more economical that way, and one can by a first class seat for less than a full price second class seat. I did it mostly because I had a bit too much luggage, but in the end was glad for other reasons.

The first part of the trip to Landquart was beautiful, through the Swiss Alps. I had 6 minutes to change trains (and had to walk down under the tracks and back up to another platform), but made it with 2 minutes to spare.

Then it was an hour or so to Zurich HBF (main station), where I waited 40 minutes. It was much warmer there than in Klosters.

The next leg was about five hours, and the train was a bit warm but no too bad. You could just feel the difference between being in the sun when we pulled into a station which was covered. The last hour, between Mainz and Koblenz was along the Rhein and was pretty. There were steeply terraced vineyards rising up from the river and lots of castles, some even in the river on small islands. It’s a big commercial river with lots of barges.

I changed trains again in Koblenz (adjacent platforms), and got to Bad Breisig about 5, an 8.5 hour journey.

It was in the 90s when I arrived, and no hotels here have air conditioning. So my room was hot (no fans either!). It cooled off with a big thunderstorm though.

My room overlooks the Rhein, a nice but noisy view (restaurant below).

I am hoping to practice today and play here Monday at 9.


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