Mallorca Draws are Posted

The Mallorca Seniors draws were made today. The tournament’s adherence to the ITF rankings made for some interesting match ups, but since the majority of the players are German, the ITF rankings sort the players out pretty well overall.

Here is the link to the draws:

I don’t play till Monday but first round matches are being played at 4 sites tomorrow, 2 here in Capdapera, one in Canyamel and one at the Club Aquavit.

I practiced today and yesterday with one of the US guys playing in the 65’s, Beautyman and played some doubles today with some of the California contingent here, Pam Schultz, Greg Shepard and George Sarantos. The guys beat up on us…

The next time you complain about the cost of balls, consider this…a can of 4 balls costs 14 Euros<! That’s about $20!!!! needless to say, balls do not go unretrieved.

I have an 8 am warm up tomorrow, then the rest of the day off.

I will post after the doubles draws are posted.

Pam, Carolyn Pam, George Sarantos, Pam Schultz, Greg Shephard

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  1. I’m looking forward to news of your triumph at this tournament with only one other American listed. Was hoping to see an 80 year old playing, but guess I’ll have to play down and get clobbered, but just want to be there again. Thanks for the news. rita

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