Mallorca Tuesday, Success in Son Besso

I finally got to play a match, on Day 3 of the Mallorca Open. I played a pleasant woman from Frankfurt, Germany, Brigitte Kraell. I played pretty well and at 5-0 in the first set she looked at me and told me that I was just “too good” for her. That could be the kiss of death, but I won 60 60 to advance to the quarters against the #8 seed from France, after which Brigitte and I went for a drink together as is the custom in Europe.

I scouted a match after I finished, then went to see how Erin was doing, which was fine, as she had just beaten the #4 seed (Erin being the #5 seed) 62 60. I caught up with Heide Orth, who confused some onlookers (those who weren’t watching any of the points) by using the scoreboard such that it appeared she was up 65 instead of 60 50. A picture will follow of the scoreboards tomorrow so I can explain the issue better.

When Heide finished I watched another match that was full of drama in the third set; a 41 lead come and gone; nerves and frustration, particularly from whomever held the lead; balls slammed into fences, calls questioned by both players,  and in the end some gutsy and successful forays to the net by the eventual victor. Somehow there seems to be more drama in matches here in Europe, but maybe there are just more matches, so by law of averages that happens.

After watching the women’s matches, I watched men’s 40 quarterfinals which were really good matches. The #1 seed was taken to three sets; the #2 seed beat Andrew Moraghan in a tough 63 62 match in which the #2 seed was constantly berating and exhorting himself. He had a massive forehand and an excellent one handed backhand and a good serve. The most interesting match was a Swiss vs a Belgian; the Swiss player was more of a counterpuncher, rope a doping his Belgian opponent. Both were lefties and the Swiss absorbed power well and constantly redirected the ball while seemingly moving very little and using minimal effort, while his Belgian counterpart used a lot of energy to try and get to the ball and finish points. The Swiss had beaten the #4 seed first round 1,0, so was obviously tough and was up a set and 3/2 when I left.

Below, a photo of the pool area: hotel guests, particularly in the summer, reserve these lounges with their towels on them, and lie for hours by the pool! Right now they are mostly empty though as the hotel is full of guests who are too busy playing tennis to lie around.



Erin and I were up just after dawn today for warm up. It was peaceful by the beach, just a few swimmers and a lone sailboat.

 sunrise-001 sunrise-002

Erin and I are below…I wonder who our doubles opponents are going to lob. 😉

Erin, CAN

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  1. Thanks& good luck to a lady who is “too strong” & thank Erin for “cake” info for me to present to Betty Hill tomorrow here at Chamisol Club! It’s a surprise for her 79th bd. We’re both moving up!

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