Marin Seniors, End

 The match of the day if not of the tournament was the 35s men’s final between Jake Bragonier and Dougal Williams. Dougal overpowered Jake in the first set, using his forehand from all parts of the court and making it hard for Jake to find his backhand. But ast the match progressed, Jake grew accustomed to the pace, countered it well and used his excellent backhand to lengthen the points. The match ended in a third set tiebreaker won 86 by Bragonier.

The tournament committee, led by Susan McShannock and Chrissie Costamagna raised $15,000 in prize money this year.Thank you so much to all the sponsors, you can see their signs in many of the photos on my website.

In the 40s, Rick Kepler sliced and diced and drop shotted (good thing Federer has made dropshotting "cool") his way past top seeded Curtis Dunn. Kepler’s big lefty serve also helped out on some big points. Rick’s doubles partner, Brian Cory seemd a bit concerned when he found out Rick was still out playing singles when he arrived (that wasn’t in the plan!), but he and Rick won the 40 doubles nonetheless 62 75 over Garber/Willoughby.

Another marathon match took place between Geoff Cykman and Robert Van Malder, (55s) but Cykman ran all over the court (Van Malder also is a dropshot proponent), and ran off with a three set win 57 63 62. He also won the 55 doubles with Stanley.

Chuck Bleckinger upset the 2nd seed, Gary Pybass in three sets in the semis of the 65s, but was powerless to stop Don Long in the final. Long won the semis and finals with the loss of only 1 game. Long got in enough court time though, as he also played 60s and reached the semis in that division.

Brent Abel was nearly as stingy against Roger Khan in the 60s, winning the final 61 61. Khan had played 2 marathon matches to reach the final. Brent combined with Steve Cornell to oust Khan/Upton 62 76 in the doubles.

Mai Ichikawa-Abel,  won the 35 singles over L. Grimshaw 60 62 and reached the doubles final in the 35s.

Erika Smith and Alissa Finerman won the 35 and 40 doubles. Tracy Houk and Judy Newman Rakela, both stiff from their 3 set marathon a couple of days earlier (and Tracy from another 3-setter yesterday) held off Roland/Smyth (who upset the 2nd seeds, Johnson/Stillman-Scott in the semis), winnning in 3 sets.

Tina Karwasky won the 55 singles and doubles again; and Linda Bucklin/Judy Louie won the 60s over Andi Polisky/Claudia Giacomini.

I won the 50 singles over Leslie Airola Murveit 63 62 and teamed with Carrie Zarraonandia to beat

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