Men’s 60 into semis, women’s 60, 65, & Men’s 75 reach final

The wo
‘s Godfree Cup team, 65s, upset Germany today 2/1 to advance to the final. Betty WChob played a flawless match at #2 singles, winning 60 62; at #1 singles, Germany’s Heide Orth played her usual excellent tennis (superb footwork!) to win 63 60, setting the stage for the deciding doubles match. The four singles players contested the doubles, and USA won the first set, had a match point in the second at about 5/4, the Germans rallied to 6/5, the Americans forced a tiebreak, and on their 4th match point (#2 & 3 were saved when Orth hit winners), the Germans hit the ball long, giving the tie to the USA!

In the 60s, Marble Cup, the USA steamrolled the British team in singles, especially Kerry Young, who was merciless. The Brets won the doubles point. USA play France, who upset Australia.

The Von Cramm Cup team (men’s 60) beat Switzerland 3/0, with both Cheney and Turville playing singles.

John Powless played an excellent match at #2 singles, using all the court and advancing to net or dropshotting frequently. King Van Nostrand struggled at #1 singles against Hans Jell, finally winning 63 67 63, putting the Grant Cup into the final!!!!

Grant, Marbe and Godfree have tomortow off, final Saturday; the rest of the teams are in action tomorrow.

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