Nichols, Duesler, McCabe, Swetka and Tiberio Win Singles Titles

Graydon Nichols won the 80 singles and doubles for the third straight year at the clay courts, teaming with Tony Franco, his opponent in the final, to take the doubles. It was his first every National Clay Court singles title. Bob Duesler also won singles and doubles, at the 70 clay, teaming with Jim Nelson to take the doubles title.   George McCabe won the 75 singles title and Chuck DeVoe/Jerry Thomas won the 75 doubles, also on the clay. At the 90 clay, Alex Swetka won the singles over Jack Morrison and teamed with Wade Macdonald to win the doubles. Henry Tiberio, unseeded, beat the 1, 2 and 3 seeds en route to the 85 singles title. Marvin Henderson/Bob Sherman took the 85 doubles gold.

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