Nike Senior

The Nike Senior concluded yesterday about 6pm. Kathy Vick and I beat Karen Burns/Jeanne Haskell 64 64, winning a very long and crucial game at 3-4, and I was serving…it was about a 15 minute game and took away the momentum from our opponents who won the previous 3 games. Annemarie Bigandi and I then took on Burns/Sharon Bellusci and they started so quickly and well that I asked them if they had a plane to catch 🙂 We were down 61 31, but made some good adjustments and won 16 63 62, though the end was tense since we were up 51 40-0 and lost that game… Kathy and Annemarie then took on Becky Stapp and her partner, an excellent local player and teaching pro. Kathy & Annemarie won 63 63. Other winners were Nancine Hayward, 35s; Stapp, 40s, Carmen Almodovar, 60s and Hubbard, 80s. In the Men’s events, winners included Dougal Williams, 35s, Bill Matthews, 60 singles & doubles (with Don Beer), mike Tammen, 50s, Len Wofford, 55s, Ed Wofford, 85s,  Posted from my iPhone.

Location:San Francisco,United States

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