Official Dinner in La Baule at ITF Seniors World Championships

Last night there was the Gala Dinner at the ITF Seniors World Team Championships. All the players were invited and so we had a chance to see the men’s teams, which we hadn’t seen since the opening ceremonies.

I had stayed late to watch our two potential opponents play the third set of the doubles, Great Britain and France and it went to 7-5 in the third…no problem I thought…wrong, I’d sent my bag…with my bike key (!) with Sherri, the captain…and so had to get a ride back with Ann Clark who was watching the 60s play. (Thanks Ann!).

I rushed to make the 7pm bus, which left about 7:20. We got to the busy reception area for the dinner and had time to take a few photos, and then photos of all the US teams before dinner was served. Dinner wasn’t started till after 9pm! There were speeches, music and dancing after the first course, then the main course was served. The buses were supposed to go back starting at 10:30, but they left closer to 10:45 (and dessert hadn’t yet been served!).

Today we have a day off and an indoor court, which is lucky since it’s raining a bit. Tomorrow we play Great Britain for the Alice Marble Cup, which the Brits won last year.

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