On a Scorching Day, A Quick Match

It was really quite warm today…not at all what one thinks Austria weather will be…90s, somewhat humid…but I played at 10:30…we got on early and were done by 11:15 and I beat an Austrian player 60 60. The balls here are more lively, the courts a playing faster and the balls flying through the air compared to Germany, because of the heat and dry courts and slight altitude. I had to shorten my strokes a bit to compensate. There were a lot of hot and red faces around the courts today. I warmed up again early at the Werzer Courts, then played at Leonstein, then went over to the third venue (right next to the train tracks, and it was LOUD when a train came by…and they did, often). The third venue is just called Club (courts 1, 2, 3). I wanted to watch the match I play the winner of, but it started late…I left about 7 when it was 3/2 in the first set.

I watched Toni Novack from the USA play Alena Klein, the top seed in the 60s. It was a close 64 64 for Alena. I observed lots of footfault today,  …some players I watched actually started with their toes on the line, but with no roving umpires (which aren’t allowed to call foot faults in ITF tournaments from off the court), it’s a tough issue to resolve.

Here are a few action photos of Tony from Australia, Toni Novack, USA and Klein, and of Peter Pokorney of Austria, the top seed in the 70s.


Klein Klein-001 Leonstein Pkorny Toni NOvack Toni NOvack-001 Tony Tony-001 Werzer cout sign

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