Torres Del Paine, Chile

Quick post, have an hour with Internet.

Patagonia is amazingly beautiful. From the high peaks to the green valleys, blue lakes and glaciers.

We saw dwarf owls, called Pygmy owls (really tiny), a mammal related to Llamas called guanaco (and it’s baby), a condor and a miniature orchid, Palo it’s, or dog orchid.

We are staying at the eco amp in Patagonia in the standard domes..beds but no bathrooms or heating, very comfortable. It’s a complex without cell service or WiFi , but with a beautiful view and great food. I had eel for dinner (did NOT taste like chicken!)

Today we drove to Grey Lake to see the glacier. It was cold but beautiful. We saw pieces of glacier, floating in the lake. The pieces had this bluish glow and they were so pretty. The glacier itself at the edge has a really interesting texture and has been receding in recent years.

Our drinks on the boat were served with glacier ice.

Torres Del Paine park, which we are exploring translates to Blue Towers more or less.

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