Practice Day 7 & Castell de Capdepera

Saturday October 16, 2021

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The ITF Super Seniors Individual World Championships began today with a light schedule: Men’s 65 Round of 128 and mixed doubles. Americans Dean Corley/Donna Fales advanced over a pair of Canadians to the quarters. Danny Shaw, who plays under an American passport but lives in Austria won both his singles and mixed matches today. Andrew and Ann Stanley won their mixed (and Andrew, who plays under the British flag but lives in the USA won his singles match).

In the morning I decided to visit the Castell de Capdepera since I was not hitting till 1pm. I drove up near the Castle, up some very narrow streets (one car wide given that there were cars parked on the street and that it was 2-way traffic). The castle is pretty large on a hill. From the top views of both the sea and the surrounding farm land and the old city of Capdepera can be seen. The castle was first built in about 300 AD by Romans and enlarged by Moors, then destroyed, then rebuilt around 700 AD. There’s a church at the top.

The castle looks…like a castle with the typical battlement at the top and openings in the walls for rifles and canons. There are parts near the top of the wall where visitors can walk. The cost to enter the castle is a reasonable 3 euros (about $3.50).

Castel de Capdepera
Narrow two-way street in Capdepera.

After I returned to Font de Sa Cala I practiced with Michael Beautyman at one venue, Na Taconara. I saw a few other Americans there, Tina Karwasky, practicing with a Spanish player, and Leona Bryson. Later I went to Tenis Club Aguait near the water and hit some more with Michael and Les Buck. I had not played at this club before and it is a nice club, with a very busy restaurant (and the food looked very good), and lots of padel courts.

Padel Courts at Tenis Y Padel Club Aguait

Someone (or someones) were having a happy Saturday afternoon at Club Aguait.

I don’t play tomorrow but my potential opponents do in singles so I may scout them before practicing in the afternoon.

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