Practice Day

No one in the 60s had a match today, so I just practiced a bit and rested up for tomorrow.

I hit in the morning with Vladimir Etoj an Aussie who came from Russia. Tennis so international.  I met Vladimir in Klosters, Switzerland several years ago at the 40th birthday party of another Aussie, Jurate Hardy who is Lithuanian (but a naturalized Aussie), and Jurate lives in London. Jurate is actually playing here too. Vladimir plays in the 55s and had a match, so we had a warm up, played some points, about an hour altogether. An hour later I hit for an hour with Marc Pepin from Canada. Tomorrow morning I’m hitting with Nora Blom from Netherlands, and I’m playing doubles with Heidi E from Germany. And it all feels pretty normal. I ran into an actual American player today, Bruce Barrett from Florida, Heide Orth from Germany, and a few other friends.

I wore new, white shoes today. I didn’t take a photo of the shoes before I hit (but here’s a photo from tennis warehouse europe) and next to it the photo of what they looked like after I hit for two hours! But now the top of the shoe sort of matches the orange trim…

adidas shoeIMG_6996


I also went to the Billa, a local grocery store. Here are photos of just some of the jam and chocolate selections:


And here was the entire selection of salad dressings (though to be fair, there were many types of oil and vinegar…but I don’t have a kitchen this week):



I play singles tomorrow at 11am and am warming up at 7:30 with Nora. I play an unseeded Austrian player.



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  1. Good luck Carolyn. Wish I could be there but I am off to NY and Tampa Bay tomorrow to visit the kids. Enjoy the lovely summer weather>

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