Practicing in the Rain

Rain is a pain when you are trying to play tennis, but I guess that’s why it’s so pretty and green here in Germany. I did get in a hit in the morning which was cut short by rain. I went into Baden Baden, the center of which is normally lovely. This year it’s all torn up by construction…big excavations are going on in the middle of the streets. However, I did manage to find an open bakery with some delicious German bread. The German’s take their bakeries seriously. There are a lot of them and they are all full of dozen’s of kinds of pastries and breads from white rolls to heavy dark rye bread. It feels a lot like a Sunday here as it’s a holiday of some sort and stores are mostly closed. The buildings here are really pretty and sometimes it feels like I’m on a movie set. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy when I went out.

Baden Baden Monday-001Baden Baden Monday-002Baden Baden Monday-004Baden Baden Monday-006

There seem to be a lot of tourists here too, I heard several languages spoken. Baden Baden is a short drive from Strasburg France so of course there’s a lot of French spoken here too.

Here’s a photo  of the church next to my apartment. The apartment’s windows are sound proof when closed I think as I didn’t hear any church bells this morning.


Baden Baden Monday-007


Afternoon update. I got in a good second hit under sunny skies with Carole DeBruin from the Netherlands. I have one more day to practice, then the tournament starts on Wednesday for me.

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