Practicing Indoors on a Balmy Day

I had the day off today but like any nerdy senior player, I headed off to the club pretty early to watch and practice. I warmed up Ross Persons for his match (he won 61 61) and also Petro Krueger (she lost to Silvie from France 26 75 63 after having some match points in the second set so I suppose the warm up was ok) and after lunch (I walked down to the local bakery where they have nice baguette sandwiches and panini along with Croque Monsieur, lots of crosissants, pain au chocolat (called chocolaties here) and other tasty looking treats) I practiced again. All the practicing was done indoors on a sort of clay court. The court was basically a hard court with painted lines that had a bit of clay on top to make it slippery. It’s pretty fast but better than not hitting. The courts have skylights and no other artificial lighting during the day. There are five of these courts; three are in a building with pretty good light and the other two are in a dark building. There are also two hard courts and three 48 foot kids courts and a backboard. There are two outdoor clay  courts not being used for the tournament here, but they are reserved for members, who are playing on them most of the day.

Tomorrow I play singles, second match after 9am, and since it’s an 80s match I follow it could be around 10 (they play match tiebreaks in lieu of third sets). Kerry Ballard and I also play doubles, or so we hope! At least our opponents are here and already won a match today in doubles (and I played one of them yesterday in singles.)

Here’s a link to the draws, order of play and results:

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  1. Give my best to Petra🎶💜🎭🎼😍 & sorry she lost, but lots more tennis in her young life! Enjoy your matches & keep in touch😄💕🎶🎼😃

  2. It’s Dinner time@our gracious host’s home, & I’m getting hungry viewing your grocers shelf of “goodies!” No Double’s this year & only 3 single’s players on the grass, but lots of great matches to see tomorrow! Good luck & enjoy this “magical” life you are living💜🎭😍💕🎶❤️😄😃

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