Rainy Day on a Dry Island

It rained most of today in Mallorca. There was a lot of lightning too early, but some intermittent sunshine. However, no tennis, which was ok. It gave me a chance to walk around Palma, which has a busy harbor (and a huge cruise ship docked there) and a giant cathedral which is quite lovely.

 harbor big cruise ship    

I walked down to the sea then to the cathedral and around it. It dominates the Palma skyline. There were a lot of other tourists doing the same thing, but I didn’t hear many American voices, mostly German and British accents and language. I didn’t actually hear all that much Spanish either. There are lots of narrow old streets and also tons of restaurants, none of which open much before 7:30 in the evening and even then only for the early birds!

cathedral palma-013cathedral palma-016cathedral palma-009old town

I did go out to the tennis courts because the courts dried but by the time I got there (still getting lost A LOT) it was raining and wet. Probably just as well as I would have had to drive back in the dark and I got lost about 10 times going back to Palma. Mallorca has roundabouts everywhere…instead of stoplights or four way stops it has roundabouts…so the instructions on how to get anywhere are long and complicated…because at every roundabout one needs to know which exit to take. Normally I get confused and go around a few times while figuring it out.

Mallorca is also known for Majorcan pearls. There are a lot of shops full of beads and pearls here, of varying quality. The displays though are very pretty.


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