Rainy End to Father/Daughter

Florida calls itself the Sunshine State…maybe it is a reference to “liquid sunshine” aka rain? Because it rained all day in Jupiter or at least it was still raining when we left around 3pm.

There was only a final and a 3/4 playoff today in Jupiter, both in the 80+ division. Neither were played. Dad and Mom and I arrived at the courts at 9 and Dad and I warmed up till it started raining hard. The rain never stopped and finally play was called at 2pm, when it was still raining and the courts were sopping.

After a discussion Susan Wright and Enver Mehmedbasich and their opponents, the Fechtors each took one gold and one silver ball (Enver appropriated the gold ball from Susan!). Once our opponents Fenasci and Bienvenue returned from lunch we also agreed to split the bronze balls and 4th place tray (but borrowed each others bronze ball for the photo).

So it was a disappointing end to the tournament, since we didn’t get to try and finish on a win, but it was a good week with my parents, visiting, playing tennis and relaxing.

For all results, click here: http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=140097#&&s=0

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