Ready Set Fly…to Germany; Arrival in Baden Baden

I am off to Germany for the European Open Senior Championships in Baden Baden. This is the third time I have played this event and it’s a nice venue. The tournament is held at the Rot-Weiss Club, (Red/White) which is a sister club to the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club.

I had an early flight from San Diego, connecting via Chicago and landing in Frankfurt at about 5:30 the next morning. I took an early flight because there is only one morning/early afternoon train that is nonstop to Baden Baden from the Frankfort Airport and it was at 7:53am. I booked my train online before I left, Deutsch Bahn has a good website and booking in advance saves about 50% on a lot of trains. Everything was on time today, the only glitch was that my phone was doa, but a Skype call to ATT (and a long hold online!) got it fixed just as I got on the train to Baden Baden.

The weather today was gorgeous, mid 70s, sunny, calm and I biked around the town, confirmed my hit for tomorrow at the tennis club, stopped at a farmer’s market for bread and strawberries (it’s strawberry and white asparagus season here…the berries are great, but I don’t get the appeal of weis spargel…white asparagus).

The draws have been posted here: (click on “order of play” then the appropriate category). Doubles draws will be posted later in the week. I don’t play till Wednesday unfortunately, the tournament starts on Tuesday.

Below are a few photos from today.

Frankfurt Train Station Giant Rose Sculpture Baden Baden First Day starred photos-003 Baden Baden First Day starred photos-005 Asparagus with Ham and Hllandaise Sauce with New Potatoes; Sculptures in front of Apartment Building Baden Baden First Day starred photos-013 Lichentaler Allee bicycle by big rose in BB

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  2. Great photos make me yearn to get to Austria for the World Championships. Love the bike and love hearing all about your journeys all over the world. Guess Portschach’s “Friendship Cup” is going on this week?? Looking forward to more photos and news of your successful matches. French Open is all the tennis I’m enjoying at this time. thanks Carolyn

  3. The Friendship Cup is going on this weekend, and I just posted the link to the draws for the Super Senior European Championships for next week. FYI, the 75-85 women are going to be playing in Villach for the world championships, it’s just outside Poertschach about 20-30 min by train.

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