Scratchy Start in Bad Breisig

Today I finally played my first match here in Bad Breisig. I warmed up pretty well with Ellen Neumann from Munich, and felt good. I had looked at the draw the night before and confirmed I was playing at noon at the club in Bad Breisig. However, the site of the match was changed to Remargen, about 10 km or 6 miles away. Only 3 of the 55 women’s singles matches were played there and no other main draw matches. This despite the fact that there were no 9am matches scheduled on 3 of the courts in Bad Breisig. I was called to go to the club early as there was a court for us there, then arrived, hurriedly, and was told they changed their mind.

Anyway, the club in Remargen was quite nice, many clay courts, and of course a restaurant and locker room and huge indoor tennis halle.

I played Olga Markova from Czech Republic. I have played her before a couple of times and won pretty easily. She was playing well today though and I think my feet were still in California, sleeping! She won the first set and was up 21 40-15 when I started playing a bit better. I won the set 64 and won the third set 60…she got tired mentally and physically I think and I did keep the ball a bit deeper…anyway, it was a beautiful day to play tennis, sunny, warm, breezy and was glad to get in a lot tennis today! I play Margreth Beyer who lives only a few miles from Bad Breisig. She’s a very steady player and strong, it will be a good challenge to play here tomorrow…in Bad Breisig!

Below are photos of the Remargen Club, Carolyn & Olga and of the church on the main Street going through Bad Breisig.




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