Semis Tomorrow

It was a beautiful day here (though right now at 10:30pm it’s raining pretty hard…just a thunderstorm type of rain I think). It was about 80 and there were a lot of hot Germans today and I saw some sunburned faces.

I beat Brigette Friedl, the #5 seed 60 62. The sun was quite wicked on one side during some of the match, it affected both of us for a service game or two. We had some nice points but I was more consistent and that made the difference. I play Margreth Beyer, the #3 seed. She’s a very consistent player and a good competitor, so it will be a good challenge tomorrow. The #2 seed, Sabine Schmitz plays her doubles partner, #4 seed Lyn Mortimer, tomorrow.

They made the doubles draw, a 50/55 draw and Barbora Koutna and I are seeded #1. We had a bye today and play the semis tomorrow.

I play first match tomorrow, but the matches don’t start till 11am, very civilized.

Taras Beyko, the other North American in the draw, advanced to the semis of the 45 men’s singles by default.

Here are a few photos, of my opponent from today, of Ellen Neuman who warmed me up, or Koutna, Beyer, and Schmitz.

starred photos 2-016starred photos 2-001starred photos 2-007starred photos 2-015starred photos 2-008

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