Shenzhen Champion

Wednesday I played my final round robin match against the other woman in the group who had won her previous three matches and won, so I won the tournament. We played short sets again since it was a round robin of 5 players. 

We had a chair and 2 line persons. The lines people did a good job. The chair did call my one ace, which was six inches in out, but otherwise was ok. However, in the men’s 55 final, the players just overruled several bad calls, even when the calls were in their favor. They showed really good sportsmanship.

Before my match I wandered into the spacious badminton hall. It is huge, high ceilings, light and airy, and busy.

The trophy presentation was impressive. Their was a professional MC, several video cameras & a photographer, women who presented the trophies and flowers on a tray, music and announcements (which were quite loud, even though a final was being played on the adjacent court). And all the while the men’s 45 finalists were waiting to play their final on the court where the presentation was taking place (and many courts were open). It was fun though, every finalist felt like a star.

After the ceremony I went to collect my prize money. I waited in one line, then was told to go to the referee office to collect a slip showing what I won. I had to show my passport. Fortunately I had it with me! Then back to office #1 (which Lily had pointed out to me).

Echo did a yeoman’s job with this event. She had no knowledge of tennis at all (hence loud music & announcements while a match was being played next door), but was always very patient & pleasant. The ITF referees were good, even if the chairs needed a bit more seasoning.

In the afternoon Lily from Hong Kong and I went to an amusement park which has miniatures of all the great sites in China such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Lily convinced me to have my photo taken wearing a Queen’s garb. (Only 20rmb or about $3). 

More tournament photos.

Off to Beijing!

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  1. You were born to be a Queen! Congrats! Not too bad for someone with a bad toe. 😜

    Kathy Langer 214-536-9333


  2. WOW! What a glorious ending to your worldwhin adventure with flowers & trophies plus well deserved cash, as well! Love your. “Princess” garb! Congratulations

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