So I made it to Shenzhen! We took a taxi then subway to the border.

Things I learned today: 

  • Download “WhatsApp” as everyone seems to be communicating that way
  • Fill out the immigration form BEFORE getting up to the immigration officer 
  • Download a VPN so google, gmail etc work
  • Make sure you have a Visa!

Fortunately I had downloaded WhatsApp and set up an account sometime ago. And I had downloaded a vpn & got my visa before I left. I did not however have an immigration form before waiting in line. When I finally got to the immigration official, he took a long time reviewing my passport but finally did let me into China.

Lily Wong and I had lunch, then got the minibus to the tournament which took about an hour. Shenzhen is huge and growing. More than 17million!

Lily lost her phone but already acquired a new one. We practiced at the venue which is impressive. However they gave us terrible practice balls.. pressureless and soft. We got two new ones of the type they are using for the tournament though after asking.

The courts are pretty slow, quite nice. And they all had singles sticks (not set up properly though).

I don’t play till Monday.

More soon..,

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