Singles Success in Feld am See

Draws are here.

Today was a pretty long one, as I had matches at 10:30, 1:30 and 4:30! After playing three matches in three days I played three in one day and finished the tournament.

My singles went well. The top half of the draw as I suspected was the tougher half and I won the final 60 60. Cornelia gets a lot of balls back and comes in one some high balls but I did the same thing a bit better than her.

After lunch Karien and I played our semifinal doubles and won 3,2 (after dropping the first two games). After about a 45 minute break (our 1:30 match didn’t get on court till after 2pm), we played the final against a good Austrian team and lost 64 64 in 1:45. Red clay doubles at altitude bears little resemblance to hard court clay doubles for sure…tons of lobs, some angles and drop shots…and did I say lobs?.. and our opponents made fewer errors and more winners than we did…especially with overheads. I’d like to play that team again, but it was a good match and I ran more in it than in my other two matches combined I think!

Other winners/finalists: Luisa finished second in singles and doubles (with Aussie Julie Fidler); Wanda Howes beat Luisa in the singles in three sets and won mixed easily with Steve Dance (who won the 65 men’s singles); Bruce Barrett, USA lost to his doubles partner but they won the doubles convincingly. Marc Pepin, CAN & Steve Willoughby, USA finished second in men’s 55 doubles.

I had dinner with Brits Pauline and Shirley and American Bruce and then we decided what to do tomorrow. I went over to the other English speaking table and a big group of us with two cars are going to Villach to the castle and perhaps for a walk and lunch. It’s supposed to be a high of around 75 tomorrow and sunny!

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  1. Congrats Carolyn & hoping you got some rest. Sounds like you are also having lots of fun.
    Are you staying over there until Mallorca?

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