Successful Semifinal Day

Dad and I played Cheryl & Bob Hicks today in Rancho Mirage in the 80+ Father Daughter category. Fortunately, the heat abated and it was only in the 80s, dry with a breeze, pleasant playing conditions. It was fortunate because our match lasted nearly 2.5 hours and my dad is 92 and I was running…a lot! Dad played well…his hands are still amazing and he hit a lot of volley winners (to no one’s surprise other than our opponents, in the first set anyway). We won 62 36 63. Tomorrow we play the top seeds, Alissa & Ralph Finerman who beat Walsh/Watkins 75 62. We play the finals tomorrow at 10, weather permitting.

Palm Springs is an interesting geographical area weather wise. It was raining on the other side of the mountains today and in San Diego, while here, with the mountains blocking the rain clouds (which were just beginning to peek over the mountaintops around 3pm) it was sunny and mild.

In the senior father/daughter, the Knox’s beat the Buterbaughs 62 64 in a relatively uneventful match. The last match of the day though was Richard & Julia Cohen vs Tom & Bettina Rettenmaier and it was one which attracted a good crowd (plus, it was the only match going on by the third set). Bettina was a good college player and has a beautiful serve; Tom is a regular on the seniors circuit and a tall, very good player, big serve and overhead. Quite a contrast to Richard who is shorter and uses guile rather than power to play, though he did play college tennis for University of Pennsylvania. Julia has played since she was 2 (she’s 28 now) and played for University of Florida  and then on tour where she reached a career high ranking of 98 in 2012.  The Buterbaugh’s play straight up aggressive mostly serve and volley, chip and charge tennis; the Cohen’s style involves tricky spiny underhanded serves by Richard, lots of lobs (by Richard) and power baseline play combined with stellar court coverage by Julia. In the end the Cohen’s prevailed in three sets in a highly entertaining match.

The Cohen’s are also in the 70+ (Super Senior) father/daughter tomorrow against the Liz & Hugh Burris from Texas.

Greg Failla, playing this year with his younger daughter, Julia, is in the final of the open father/daughter. They take on the second seeds, Bruce and Sabrina Man Son Hing, who have cruised to the final.

In Mother/Son, the top two seeds took different paths, but both arrived in the finals. The Settles, Kathy & Christian,  edged Tim Sah/Valerie Tan 64 67 63 (then it was off to prom for Christian); Dina/Parker McBride beat the Nash’s 63 63. It was Dina’s first tournament since tearing her Achilles in the final of the 40 Hard last December; now she has matching scars on her Achilles, as she tore the other one in the final of the 40 hard 5 years earlier.

There was a nice dinner at the country club tonight, appetizers, an excellent buffet and a nice atmosphere. Tad & Lisa Yukawa with my mom & dad.

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  1. Congrats Carolyn and Uncle Graydon!  Good luck tomorrow!!!  Love,  Patty

  2. That is crazy competitive for over 80 FD!!! Good luck in the finals. Sounds like incredible quality tennis in all age groups.


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