Sundaze or The Calm Before the Tournament

Today was a rest day for the most part. The breakfast turned into brunch after 11, followed by some maintenance exercises. It was lovely out though, high 70s, breezy and very sunny, so we set out about 2:30 to see the church next to the hotel and walk along the lake by the club.

The church was closed but the outside is pretty.

We then drove towards the ETUF club. It was very crowded near the club with cars lined up for over a mile away. There were rowing races and boat races and club tennis matches going on. People were also biking and walking along the shady bike/pedestrian path nearby.

We also looked at the golf course and clubhouse which is just southwest of the tennis club. We took the path above between the two spots.

Tomorrow is the last practice day before the tournament starts for us on Tuesday afternoon…

I’ll leave you with a link to a  clip of the rowing race. Click here.



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