Survived the First Round

I survived the first round, but it wasn’t that easy. We started out at about 7:30 PM. That conditions were quite different from those earlier in the day around noon when Heide Orth and i practiced. It was much heavier and slower and the court at times seemed completely dead. I played a pretty good Spanish player who I had played in a cup match on Hardcourts many years ago. I managed to win 6161.

After Heide and I practiced in the morning, I went to a Spanish Super Mercado. It was quite interesting as foreign grocery stores usually are. There were two aisles completely devoted to canned fish. There were two aisles of boxed milk. There were copious amounts of ham and sausages of various types. Back to the fish; some of the cans were so expensive they were in special lockboxes like electronics would be in the States.

In the same store, the Corte Ingles, on the sporting goods floor, they sold everything from paddleball rackets to motorcycles, to treadmills. It was definitely a one stop shopping experience.

I have to practice early tomorrow, then sightsee…I have a day off tomorrow.









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