Susan Wright, Roz King, Jolene Watanabe and Rita Price win Singles Gold in Houston

Susan Wright played what was described as a “perfect match” today to score her first win over Diane Barker on what was previously her least favorite surface, clay. Playing errorless tennis she won the match 62 62 under very windy conditions. I took the bronze with a 64 60 win over Kim Zebot.  She combined with me to win the doubles title later in the afternoon over Abbi Neuthaler/Erin Boynton. It was a good match, and the second set (64) was a long one.

Jolene Watanabe beat Julie Cass to win the 45s title for the second straight year. The match was close, especially the first set won 75 by Jolene. There was one incredible point at 65, 15-30 in the firs set finally won by Jolene that was critical to her win. It was super windy during that match which started at 9am. By the afternoon the wind had abated and it was a nice afternoon, but the morning was not nice for tennis. The doubles final was a terrific match between Vesna McKenna/Julie Cass and Erika Smith/Alissa Finerman. Erika only began hitting again in January after having foot surgery last spring and played awfully well, but Julie Cass was outstanding and brought out the best in McKenna at critical junctures. The match was so even that both teams won the same number of games, 16. (752675). Shelly Works took the singles bronze by default over Jenny Klitch who was ill and Andrea Rice/Mary Dailey took the doubles bronze, also by deault, over Anna Zimmermann/Klitch.

In the 85s, Rita Price, aided somewhat by a withdrawal in singles of Jane Lutz (knee issue) won the title over first time finalist Janet Hubbard 60 63.

Roz King edged Dori deVries in the singles final to win her first ever USTA National clay court singles title (75s). Dori looked nice in a new yellow tennis outfit but said she might have had to retire it had she not worn it as well for the doubles…Roz and Dori beat Dorothy Matthiessen/Lyn Little in straight sets to take the doubles title too and Dori can keep playing in her yellow outfit! Ria Graham took the singles bronze over Little and Burnett Herrick/Dorothy Wasser took the doubles bronze.

Kathy Bennett/Martha Downing won the 65s doubles final over first time finalists Janet Watanabe/Barbara Hubbard 61 61, and totally dominated the doubles in that division this week. Downing plays Brenda Carter for the title tomorrow and Carol Clay faces Molly Hahn for the bronze. Carter/Betty Wachob took the doubles bronze over Clay/Ellen Goodman.

 IMG_9999 starr-002 hubbard watanabe hubbard IMG_0007 Jolene Trophy Roz with trophyDSC02605

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  1. Roz King has 2 singles red clay titles when competing in Austria 2013 but this is first singles claycourt title in the USA.

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