Sweating in Mallorca, On to Barcelona…Slowly

Sunday was sweltering in Mallorca…98 and humid (so it felt like 105 according to the Weather Channel). Nonetheless, I had a good red clay 90 minute training session, and hopefully am ready for the tournament in Barcelona, which starts today (Monday), though I don’t play today.

After tennis I went to a nearby laundromat to wash my clothes. A nice lady helped me figure out how to work the machines. In Spain, interestingly, all the laundromats dispense detergent automatically. And the machines I have used all have about a 30-35 minute wash cycle. While the clothes were washing, I got a cold drink and sat in the shade (the laundromat was not air conditioned). I took my clothes back wet and hung them out…it was so hot they dried almost as soon as I hung them up! And parking karma struck again…I got a spot just a few doors down from my apartment, which was good since I was leaving early the next morning. (FYI, there are two washers and dryers at Beach Club Font de sa Cala..for a fee.)

Today I had an 8am flight, but did not realize that the car rental company (Wiber) did not open till 7am and was told the shuttle didn’t start till 7:10. I did get my car returned before 7 (and still had to get to the airport), but had changed my flight already to 1pm…other flights were selling out quickly so I made a decision. I didn’t quite make it to the airport in time for the 8 am flight as it turned out (though if I was going carry-on only I would have made it). Lesson learned, check the time the car rental company opens before booking flights (or vice-versa). The going carry-on only is never going to happen for me while playing tennis!

Below: this rooster was crowing vigorously when I arrived at the car rental agency. the sweet roll and Jamon Iberico are Mallorcan specialities.

The Palma de Mallorca airport at 7:30 am was again packed with people. It is a very popular place. I travelled her during 2021 and 2022 and it’s much busier now I think.

More on the tournament tomorrow after I visit the site this afternoon.

9 responses to “Sweating in Mallorca, On to Barcelona…Slowly

  1. I have just had so much fun and laughter reading your daily adventures all while playing great tennis! You are a star in my book!

  2. Hi Carolyn, I enjoy reading your blog. I would love to hear how you train for these tournaments. Do you practice the day of? I entered my first level 2 tournament and was told no one could practice on the courts before or during. Thanks! Best wishes!

    • I do practice..well warm up the day of. I scout out alternative sites for warm up if there are not practice courts on site. Usually there are courts though very early before play begins. If there are no courts, which does happen occasionally, when it rains for example…in that case I do some warm up exercises, and there is always volley-volley in the parking lot or a backboard perhaps. I don’t train a lot other than warm up on match days, but do perform a series of shoulder exercises.

  3. LOVE reading your blog (and remembering our fun cousin-trip to Spain last fall) ! Xx Sid

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