Tallin, Estonia, A Beautiful City

I arrived in Tallinn at dinner time yesterday and was met at the dock by the ducklings (Vicki, Susan and Erin)and Ross Persons who took an earlier boat to Tallin and walked into the Old Town. It’s not a bad walk except Susan had a small roller bag and all the streets were at best of cobblestones. They found the apartment I rented, thanks to Erin and google maps. The think is, the directions involved climbing about 100-150 steps! With Susan’s bag (which Ross carried up.. Good thing they are all fit). Hindsight is 20/20 but a taxi there would have been 7 euros.

Anyway, the apartment was nice and had a fantastic view of the old town. So it was worth the walk.

Once we were all reunited we headed to the Old Town for dinner at a cafe in the main square, then sadly said good bye to Erin and Ross. Vicki had scouted potential photo spots earlier and we scooted around town taking pictures of the beautiful old buildings and each other. The city reminded me a bit of Baden Baden, Germany and Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, both of which have Russian  influence.

My room in Tallin had a great view of Old Town and the water and I got sunset (11pm) and sunrise (4am) photos. 

Sunday we had brunch in the main square. Tallin was very crowded, due to 3 cruise ships, 8000 tourists. We did some shopping and had a relaxed day wandering about. It was really fun. The town is so pretty, even in the rain.

We wisely took a taxi back to the boat and now it’s time for the next adventure to begin.

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