The Calm Before the Tournament 

Today I hit with Diane Barker in the morning, worked out, etc. then walked back to my lodging. 

Susan played her first match and won easily. After lunch we walked around the Madison PRk are where I am staying. A beach is only a couple of blocks away and there were lots of people enjoying the nearly 80 degree weather. 

Madison Park has many cute shops and interesting looking restaurants. After wandering around we ended up back at the club to view some mixed matches. 

Tomorrow Susan has singles, doubles and mixed and I have doubles  at 3:30pm., but 7:30 am warm up!

Addendum: took a “lime bike” ride back from dinner. The bikes are left at random spots. You unlock them with an app, ride off, leave them at your destination. They have lights and adjustable seats. 

Draws are here:

Photos are here:

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