The Gold Museum (Museo Oro del Peru) & Shopping: Last Day in Peru

This morning Toni & Michael Novack and I went to the Gold Museum.

We passed a lot of police on the way..Michael talked to the driver learned that there are about 2 million immigrants from Venezuela in Peru (Wikipedia says 1.5 million of whom 500,000 are asylum seekers). Venezuelans need a visa to enter Peru and the police were checking documents. When we reached a traffic jam we had to roll up our windows because there were several guys roaming around who would potentially reach in and snatch purses. Lima has the most Venezuelans of any city outside Venezuela.

We did get to the Gold and Armaments museum…there were lots of swords, guns, knives, and also gold, from ancient times mostly, and ancient tools for farming, masks, armor, jewelry (including earrings that appeared to weigh pounds). The Tumi knives/blades were interesting, and though ceremonial now, in the past were used to cut the throats of sacrificial victims.

After returning to the hotel, Toni and I walked to the park and did some shopping for small gifts, did a bit of bargaining and price comparisons, and ended at Wong’s buying some Peruvian chocolate bars. It was Father’s Day here too…and the convenience store was packed with cigarettes and cigars of all types.

It was a nice and mellow end to a busy and fun trip, and hopefully not my last time in Peru.

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