Thursday Results from Ali Bey Manavgat

The women’s 70s team did play today, against Mexico. They finished in record time, with Burnette Herrick winning at #2 singles. Mexico’s #1 player then defaulted to Dori deVries and the two also defaulted the doubles, as Mexico had only a 2 person team and the #1 player injured herself yesterday, unfortunately. So Dori, who loves to practice, played some singles and then had a team doubles practice. They play the winner between Great Britain and Canada tomorrow.
The men’s 80s team finished quickly as well, beating South Africa decisively. Tomorrow will be another story however, as they play the #4 seeds, Australia.
I hope to have an update from Belek on the women’s 65s and men’s 75s and 65s later tonight, but the official dinner is tonight, so I will post again, time permitting.
Please check this site for updates on all scores later:

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