Tiananmin Square & The Forbidden City

      Beijing, China

      I flew yesterday to Beijing from Shenzhen on Shenzhen Airlines. It was a pretty nice flight and passengers in coach were even served breakfast!

      It was drizzling and cold when I arrived, a shock after being in the tropics in Hong Kong & Shenzhen. Nonetheless, I set out to explore & to go to the Forbidden City, a 40 minute walk.

      Along the way I passed lots of malls and candy and tourist shops. I passed through Tiananmin Square into the Forbidden City. It’s a huge complex, where the head of the Ming & its successor dynasty lived till the early 1900’s. 

      It was pouring and in the 40s.. I got soaking wet. At least it wasn’t super crowded.

      On the way back I saw these buggy delicacies at a street market.

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