Tournament Day 3: First Match Success

Draws and results are here.

Last night I went down to the tournament venue to watch my doubles partner Rosemary Everett and also another San Diegan Debbie Higa. I arrived to see the finish of Rosemary’s match; she won comfortably and played well. Debbie had a “not before 9pm” match, which went on closer to 10 than to 9pm. But she won quickly under the lights and also played well.

Below, scenes from the tournament and Debbie hitting a forehand under the lights.

I tried to get a taxi, but apparently waited at the wrong spot…taxi drivers will pick you up on Avenida Diagonal, a couple of blocks from the club, but not in front of it.

Today Debbie and I practiced in the heat (there was more of a breeze today or else I am finally getting used to the heat), and after a trip to the pro shop (for more wristbands, they aren’t drying fast enough), had a cold drink and parted ways. I walked through Cervantes Park today to the club, a peaceful interlude in a busy city. On my walk to Lidl there was a view of the Sea in the distance.

The practice paid off, since I won my match and played pretty well. I played on one of the two center courts, the one we’ve been practicing on. It’s so big they gave us four balls instead of three for the match! There was an electronic scoring system too, I had to push a button every time I won a game.

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