Tracy Houk Blog April 22, 2014

A great day for Team Maria Bueno !!

After a Starbucks run, ( gotta have my Latte ) and breakfast. We headed out to Boca West CC for a team practice at 7:30am. After, I picked up my racket, that was strung up and ready to go. We headed back to the Hotel, to pack up for the day, and our first match against Canada. I had to turn in our roster before 10am, then we had another hit before our 11:30 start. Fran played first, at #2 singles, with me sitting on the bench, for support and any helpful tips. She won 6-0, 6-4. She played a flawless first set, but her opponent came on strong in the second, and Fran was down 1-3, quickly. But, Fran dug deep and rallied back to take the second in a tight finish. After the courts were swept, I played the next singles match at #1, with Fran on the bench for me. I won 6-2, 6-3, in a long match that was filled with long points, drop shots, and angles. It was a tough match to start the competition for me. Judy and Vicki closed the deal in doubles, 6-1,6-1 for a 3-0 sweep. We play Mexico tomorrow. And our day will start pretty much the same as today, and hopefully finish with a win. Did you see Spangles on the court? Doing  laundry now. So, talk to you all tomorrow !!!

USA vs Canada Bueno Cup

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