Tracy Houk Blog Friday May 15: End of the Road in La Jolla

Friday, May 15

The finals today. Woke up this morning, feeling the match from yesterday. Took a walk to Starbucks for my latte, then walked the beach, feet in the water, and thinking how lucky to be in the finals. My opponent, Roz Niedeffer, was going to be tough. As much excitement over the past couple of days, the finals were definitely more subtle. Roz charged to a 2 love lead, and I fought back to tie it. But at 2 all, the tides began to change, and she took the set 6-2. . Being a world class player, Roz attacked my weakness from the start. She must have seen part of my semifinals match. All I can say was, she was kind in making this my shortest match. 6-3, was the second set, and though I had few opportunities to make the match close enough to put pressure, I just couldn’t finish a point. It was a great tournament for me, and I got through some scary heat related issues. I look forward to next year.

Playing next to me, Fran Chandler and Judy Newman were in a battle for 3rd & 4th. Fran looked to have the match in the bag, at 6-2, 3-1, but Judy fought back, and won the second set 7-6. The third set was won by Fran 6-3. What a tough finish.

The women’s 60 finals took place after my match, between # 1 seed Tina Kawarsky and  # 2 seed Martha Downing. Both ladies were dominant in getting to the finals, but Tina proved to be the stronger one today, winning 6-0, 6-1. 

The big party tonight was beautiful and this tournament really does a great job putting together these great evenings. The BBQ , earlier in the week on the beach is always a hit, and with the weather this week, it was gorgeous. I’m going home today, and rest up, ( and heal )  I love this tournament, and everyone involved, makes it special. A big thank you to, Bill Kellogg, Conan, Ralph, Doug, Pieriette, and Don, the trainer, who literally picked me up off the court a  couple  of times. And a special shout out to Coach Mike Zarranondia, for getting me through the week. I’m sure you will get more results from Carolyn Nichols, and hopefully some pictures. Kudos to her, for the amazing job she does to get us the news. It’s tough to be a player and try and get around to all the other news around you. Thank you Carolyn for letting me blog, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading it. Good luck to everyone, the rest of the year !!

Editors Note: 60s: Sherri Bronson won the bronze in singles & doubles (with Jan Kirkland-Cochran); Downing/Kathy Bennett won the doubles over Karwasky/Ann Stanley; Cathie Anderson won the 70 singles over Charleen Hillebrand but Hillebrand/Suella Steel won the singles over Jane Pang/Anne Russ; Ann Hunt took the singles bronze; 50 Doubles: Ellie Hammagren/Jennifer Lyons beat Lucia Romanov-Stark and Una Davis 62 76; Robin Harris/Judy Newman took the bronze.


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  2. Tracy I have been reading all your blogs- from the Worlds and LaJolla Makes the results a lot more interesting than just looking at the draws…. Plus am the 50s National seeder and always trying to keep up to date.

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