Tracy Houk Blogs from Individual World Championships

Monday, April 28

The ITF Senior Individual Championships started Sunday for main draw men’s singles, and mixed doubles. I played my first mixed doubles at 5:30pm Sunday night. My partner is Marc Blouin, whose wife, Carolina, had played on several USA Cup teams in past years. We beat two players from Germany, 6-1, 6-3. It was a good  warm up to see how well we matched up. He is a vey nice player. Judy Newman, also played mixed last night with her doubles partner, Michael Mehmedbasich, who is originally from NorCal, but lives in SoCal now. (His sister, Susan Wright, is being inducted into the NorCal Tennis Hall of Fame in July.) We forgive him for his move south. They also won their doubles, in a 10 point tie-breaker for the third set, 10-4. 

Our singles starts today, and Judy and I play at 10:30am. Judy plays a lady from Mexico, and I play a Hal from Sweden. We both then have a mixed doubles match at 5:30pm. The women’s doubles will start on Tuesday. Playing three events can be a bit draining, but, that’s what we came for. To compete !

Wish us luck !!!

Update Monday night from Carolyn Nichols: I ran into Judy and Tracy at Panera today along with Judy’s parents. Tracy won a 61 64 match but it took 2 1/2 hours; Judy also won in straight sets. Oren Motevassel from NorCal won too, men’s 45s.

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