Train Travel to Tegernsee

Monday: Yesterday I took the train…3 trains, from Bad Breisig to Cologne to Munich to Gmund am Tegernsee.

In Bad Breisig all my stuff was lugged up to Gleis (Platform). 2, before I double-checked my itinerary and realized I was going to Cologne, not Koblenz. So it all had to be hauled down a flight of stairs, under the tracks and back up the other side. The train to Cologne had steep steps and a short stop. I got my stuff on the train just in time and arrived in Cologne… Which had elevators in the train station :-). The train was crowded but comfortable. I got off in the Munchen Hauptbahnhof… Main train station… Which is huge and yesterday also very crowded. As soon as the train left Munich, it began to rain in earnest. Tegernsee is a lake community in summer, along with hiking and biking, and a ski area in winter.

I got a taxi to my hotel in Gmund, and after checking in took a walk to Gmund. The hotel was way out in the country, lots of farm animals around and pastures. There is a pretty stream through the village.It was pouring by the time I got back.

This area is 30 miles from Munich, in Bavaria. Most houses have flower boxes on the windows, very pretty.

I met up with Debbie Hobbs and Bridget Harrer, from the USA and So Africa, whom I have known for a while. Today I moved to another hotel in Rottach, closer to town and the other set of tournament courts. Heide Orth picked me up and we checked out the tournament and practiced hard.

I also met up with several Aussies, some of who were in Karlovy Vary earlier in the year, Wendy And Stuart and Sandy and Wayne and Julie Dybendahl who lives in the USA.

Today was pretty nice, some sun, no rain and tomorrow will be better.

I have two practices tomorrow and play 5 the match Thursday, not before 3pm. Matches are starting here at 10:30! Leisurely….






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  2. Lovely photos that makes me want to get to Tillach for all the beauty of that part of the world. Again, hope you play well and enjoy the tennis in such a beautiful place. rita

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