Tuesday Update at the World Championships

Today I played my first match at the World Championships in San Diego. I played a Dutch player, Sylvia Lievers-Kronenburg who was on the Dutch Maureen Connolly Cup team, but primarily as a doubles players (as was I). Fortunately, my dropshots were effective and I won 60 60. Nancy Abler-Sanchez upset Encarnation Gomez-Ruiz 61 62, the #6 seed.

Tomorrow I play Brigitte Cadoret from France in singles in the morning and Robin Harris and I play doubles at 1pm all at the San Diego Tennis and Racquet Club.

I then checked out action at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club and visited some friends and watched Erika Smith play the #4 seed in the 45s, Harina-Beckmann from Germany. Erika lost but hit some nice serves and forehands to worry her opponent for a while.

Then I ended up at Morgan Run where I ran into a lot of players I knew for some reason…and watched locals Debbie Higa and Jamie Jones take out the #2 seeds, Nina Topper and Jurate Hardy. Higa also beat the #7 seed Seeger from Germany. The seeds in the doubles don’t seem to be holding up too well..or in the singles, at least in the 40s.

Mario Tabares was playing with Permut; Rick Leach was waiting for mixed with Tracie Currie but they ended up with a default win; Brian Cory won his first ITF World Championship doubles match…he admitted he was a bit nervous playing it.

There was rain early, then the sun came out but it was cold. There were balloons over Morgan Run. Here are some photos.


IMG_8909 IMG_8910 IMG_8912  IMG_8943IMG_8934 IMG_8946 IMG_9025IMG_8993 IMG_9014   IMG_9050 IMG_9058IMG_9028

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