Update from Dougal Williams

We are okay. I am with Guillaume, Willie, Lew, and their wives..plus Peter Markes. Once we arrived at the rescue shelter, we were taken in by a wonderful man and his family who saw Willie, Robin and their daughter and thought there were better places for a 16 month old to stay the night…so he invited them in, and the rest of us too.

It was a very scary day. The earthquake was very intense. There have been about 15 aftershocks since, some as high as 5.0.

We are all a bit jumpy, but safe, warm and being well looked after.

Hoping to grab our things from the hotel tomorrow.

Theresa took the 45’s gals to Ashburton..and I think Gretchen Magers was already in Timaru (we were all a bit scattered as we all had bye’s today and some people took side trips).


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Phone lines are down so it’s difficult to get information, but Herald reporter Jarrod Booker said in a brief phone call that they were experiencing a massive earthquake, “bigger than the original”. He sounded very shaken.

From the Christchurv paper. Felt 2 strong jolts here. All ok here. Theresa, hope everyone is ok there, please letbus know.

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