US Open Sunday: Heat and Rain, Thunder and Lightning; Late Night Tennis

Today I got out to the US Open a bit earlier, though I had a couple of meetings today, and, not having had lunch, went to “Dave’s Place” (Dave Haggerty is the USTA President/Chairman of the Board), a hospitality area for volunteers where lunch was being served. It was really hot at the time, midday, and very humid. The lunch was a good opportunity to network…and eat lunch.

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So, after lunch, I wandered over to Armstrong stadium and caught the second set of the Williams sisters’ rout of a Spanish team, Muguraza and Suarez-Navarro. They really had fun playing together…at one point Serena poached, made the shot but not as a put away, so bent over and tried to reverse and get the response (fail) while Venus was laughing in the background.

starred photos us open 8 31 14-001 starred photos us open 8 31 14-002 starred photos us open 8 31 14-005 starred photos us open 8 31 14-006 Muguruza Suarez Novaro  Photo #1: Serena Poaches Photo #2: Ball from poach is returned and Serena tries to play it; Venus cracking up in background. starred photos us open 8 31 14-010

After watching that set I went down to the volunteer lounge, caught up with friends (Cathie Anderson, Carol Clay, Katie Koontz and Anne Schwartz) and watched the final set of Sharapova Wozniaki on a screen there.

starred photos us open 8 31 14-016

Then I took off for the new courts 4-6 and the practice courts. I really like that area! Gael Monfils was practicing but I didn’t take photos…instead I went to watch a couple of US junior players on courts 4 and 6 with a mixed doubles pro match  in between. It was interesting watching the juniors…on one court (Blinkova, Russia, in black vs Ivanova (USA though she was born in Russia) points were short, lots of errors. I only watched three games but Blinkova seemed faster and had more racquet head speed, though Ivanova was ranked higher. Blinkova led 41 when play was suspended.

  starred photos us open 8 31 14-020

Then I saw Kenin (also born in Russia, but also playing for the USA, in Nike blue and pink) vs Grende (INA). Those points were longer, Kenin, who just played in the Youth Olympic Games representing the USA is slight, quick, and gets a lot of balls back; Grende is bigger and stronger and won the only game I watched before the match was suspended. Grende led 3/2 on serve.


It was getting dark and there was thunder and lots of lightning (and it apparently hit the ESPN booth) and finally, about 15 minutes after the first lightning I saw, they called matches because of lightning. Then the heavens opened up and it started to pour just as I was in line to get on the bus to go back to the hotel around 5:30 or so. So I saw only a little of this mixed doubles match, but it was a good one.


starred photos us open 8 31 14-024 Srebotnik starred photos us open 8 31 14-026 Stormy skies opened up shortly after I took this photo.

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