USA Advances to Final in Kitty Godfree, Hart and Queens’ Cups on a Soggy Friday in Umag; Crawford Cup Semi Down to the Doubles Point

The story of the day in Umag was rain. It rained during the night, stopped for a while then resumed around 7:30 am and really never stopped all day. However, it’s clay so the courts dried enough to be playable by around 3pm at some sites and by 4pm at other sites.

wet court

The USA Women’s 65, Kitty Godfree Cup, advanced to the final with win over Germany. Kerry Young beat Sylvia Bauwens 60 62 and Brenda Carter split sets at #2 singles after which her opponent retired. Carol Clay and Kathy Bennett won the doubles point.

IN the Queens Cup, women’s 75, I learned  USA beat Germany because I ran into playing captain Donna Fales today and asked her, but I don’t know who played, or who they play in the final.

In the Doris Hart Cup, Judy Smith and Burnett Herrick won their singles  in straight sets to lead the USA past Great Britain. GBR salvaged the doubles point against USA’s Rose Austin and Mary John Lynch. They face Argentina tomorrow in their final match of the competition. In their cup there is a three way round robin to determine the winner. Great Britain beat Argentina yesterday, so things are looking good for the USA to win the Doris Hart Cup for the first time.

USA W 80s, Rose Austin and MJ Lynch (1)

The Men’s 70s, Crawford Cup team split its singles today, with David Nash losing and Dick Johnson winning their respective singles matches against the Netherlands. The doubles will be completed tomorrow.

The women’s 70s, Gibson Cup playing in the 5-8 playoff group, easily handled Switzerland today, with Cathie Anderson and Betty Wachob each dropping only four games. The doubles wasn’t played due to the nearly all day rain delay, and darkness. In that division, France plays Netherlands (who put out the USA in the round robin) in the final. Both won 2/0 today, though Elle Krocke, NED #1 had to go three sets before beating RSA Petro Kruger. France beat GBR 2/0. We finally saw a bit of blue sky late in the day.

Elle Krocke NED 70s (2) Friday 9 25 Umag (58) Friday 9 25 Umag (64) Gail Benedetti, France No 1, 70s-001 Marijke TER HEERDT POELMAN NED -013 Michelle Bichon, FRA, 70s (1) Penny Wagstaff, GBR (1) Petro Kruger RSA 70s (3) Ray of light in clouds Sun and clouds

The Bitsy Grant Cup team (men’s 75s) had an off day and play for the Cup against surprise finalist Germany tomorrow for the Bitsy Grant Cup.

The men’s Gardnar Mulloy Cup team (80s) also had an off day and play for bronze against France tomorrow.

The Britannia Cup, Men’s 65, didn’t play today, but plays the semis tomorrow and final or playoff on Sunday.

Have a great day or evening…the sun set here a long time ago!

Sunset Friday (3)

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